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The other day I was looking over this blog and wondering about blogging in general.

This blog is a mess – it’s been all sorts of things through the years. For the last six months it has settled down to a photo a day post. If I spent the time I could probably work out the sorts of images most of you prefer and provide more of those – but that isn’t a likely outcome for this important reason:

I am totally digging the diversity of people that have visited this site. Thank you all. I love that you visit from every corner of the planet, you are artists, photographers, writers and thinkers. Some of you are active bloggers and some of you pop up when the spirit moves.

I love your travels. I love your perceptions. I love that some of you are classical in your craft and others of you blow out the edges routinely. I try to follow as many of you as I can manage – you are way better than television.

I don’t know where my blog is going next – I am certain it will have more images. I am taking a course now to improve my shooting – you may be my guinea pigs every so often…

I draw inspiration from the countless generous souls out there that share from their hearts on a daily basis. Thank you. And welcome.

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  1. Blog for yourself, not for us.

    • Agreed – but I hope every so often something tickles a fancy…

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