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Pictures and Paragraphs is the title of my new blog. It is a work in progress. Please visit if you are inclined. Thanks.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog through the years.

This has been a delightful learning experience, but all the changes and experiments have left the navigation and structure a mess beyond repair.  I am working on starting a new photo blog – but for now you can find my work at 5280 Lens Mafia.  Please visit – it is a collaborative photo blog showcasing work from some very talented shooters.


Spider season… they are everywhere right now.

There is no more sure a sign of autumn than knitting…  I’ve started an ambitious lace shawl.  If the knitting gods are good I should finish in a couple of months.  I am a slow knitter.  I don’t want to knit fast – I savor the mental time off.

Aerial view of the wake left behind a ferry boat – very lacy

Washed up with the tide – hope I’m not stuck up here too long…  I feel kind of flat. :)

After a day of our campsite being stalked by the crows – I asked them to leave us alone in exchange for an offering when we left.  

They didn’t really listen – but I was true to my word.   *smile*


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